Jace stretches boundaries of music from country roots

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Jace Everett, Greystones

Jace is known as an American country music singer and his latest album was recorded in Nashville.

But here’s a musician and performer who stretches the musical boundaries, ambitiously so on Terra Rosa, which is described as a raucous, revelatory song cycle exploring tales and themes from the Old and New Testaments.

“The truth is, all of these songs are about me,” he says. “Trying to figure out what I believe and don’t believe. It’s me going back to my closet and pulling all the skeletons out, looking at the bones and seeing what’s there.”

Don’t get the idea that Everett goes down a dusty country road on his journey of exploration. He embraces plenty of different styles to vivid effect on Terra Rosa.

He has come a long way since his debut single sneaked into the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts in 2005.

His main claim to fame - and for some reason he is big in Norway - is his song, Bad Things, which is the theme for the HBO TV series True Blood.

Jace Everett is at The Greystones on Thursday.

Support is Rita Payne, an acoustic duo from Doncaster comprising, confusingly given the name, Leeds University music graduate Rhiannon Scutt and drama graduate Pete Sowerby, who have become regular favourites at The Greystones with what they call “kind of nu-folk”, an eclectic concoction with splashes of country, blues and folk.

Rita Payne released their debut album, Stories from a Suitcase, last year.

They take another step forward with their own night at The Greystones on February 21.