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Music Getaway Plan
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AUSTRALIAN rockers the Getaway Plan come to Sheffield next week as part of a full UK tour.

The band are playing on the back of their 2011 release, Requiem, which followed the band’s brief break-up the year before. But rather than let hard feelings come between them, the band used their hiatus as a lesson, as Clint Splattering says: “During our hiatus we all did a lot of growing independently and in a way this has made us an even stronger unit.

“We’ve probably also matured a bit more and aren’t in each others faces as much but there’s plenty of mutual love floating around the Getaway Plan camp,” says Splattering.

Now they’re backed together, armed with a new release, Phantoms.

“We’ve been blown away with all the lovely things people have said about the album. It’s really humbling to see people enjoying listening to the music as much as we enjoyed recording it.

“A lot of hard work and love was put into making that record and we can feel that coming right back at us when reading people’s comments and reviews. We’ve probably lost a few old fans but we’ve gathered a lot of new ones at the same time, and, personally, I can feel a real strong connection with our current fan-base.”

The band are glad to be back on the road. “We’re super excited for this one,” says Splattering. “It’s only our second time to the UK, and we couldn’t be happier with the tours we’ve had the pleasure of supporting. Last time we were here we toured with Pierce the Veil but a majority of those crowds were underage, which we hadn’t played to in quite a while.”

In Sheffield, The Getaway Plan support Anberlin, which will push The Getaway Plan towards a broader audience. “This time around with Anberlin I’m guessing there’ll be a lot more overage fans and it’ll be good to test those waters and hopefully we have as much fun this time around as we did last year. We’re really keen to meet as many fans as possible and see what the general vibe is towards our music and hopefully we can accommodate that later in the year.”

The Getaway Plan play at the O2 Academy next Wednesday, February 6.