Fare trade sends them packing

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STANDARD Fare have achieved that rare thing of placing a tough subject with a tune you could hum while dusting the telly.

The Sheffield indie pop trio release Suitcase on Monday, a single brighter sounding even than much of the content of last year’s fine debut album The Noyelle Beat but lyrically solemn.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

“It’s actually quite an uplifting song about being prepared for hard times,” explains vocalist Emma Kupa. “It touches upon issues of identity and diaspora, and fears of history repeating itself. I wrote it after one of my older Jewish family members passed away - she had survived the holocaust and was inspirational to me.”

Nine Days, the more acoustic-leaning b-side, is evidence of the trio seeking to diversify their sound. Guitarist Danny How says: “We’re definitely more confident in what we’re doing and there’s a good feeling that we’re more creatively in tune with each other.”

Sunshine crew in it for long haul

EMERGING act The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus are preparing to quit the warmth of Florida to show winter-weary Brits what the fuss has been about.

The band, above, have gone gold with two albums – You Don’t Fake It and Lonely Road – and are finally set to attempt to break this side of the Atlantic before releasing third album Am I The Enemy this autumn.

TRJA have toured with the likes of My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday and 30 Seconds To Mars. They take their first UK tour to Corporation next Friday with Scottish screamo band Yashin and LYU in tow.

Victory parade for rock tourists

AMERICAN noise merchants Blackguard have finally lined up their first foreign foray – they send their Firefight Over Europe tour to Corporation on March 29 – and they seem rather pleased about it.

“After so many years we are finally making it overseas for our debut European tour,” confirm the band.

“We cannot wait to see all the places, perform for the fans, and make our lasting mark in Europe. Once again, without the help from our label Victory Records and the team behind us, this would never have been possible. We’re coming!”

Firefight is the band’s début album and emerges in the UK on April 1.