Close your eyes and Go West for ’80s nostalgia at City Hall

Go West
Go West
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It was back in 1974 when Peter Cox met Richard Drummie and played him a demo tape.

From that moment, they formed a musical partnership that is still alive and well today.

And they are touring the UK along with fellow 1980s acts Hue and Cry and The Christians.

In 1982, the pair signed a publishing deal as songwriters Cox and Drummie, but when they booked some studio time and recorded We Close Our Eyes and Call Me, Go West was born and within days they had a record deal with Chrysalis.

“The name was a collaboration too,” Peter Cox tells me.

“Richard wanted the word ‘Go’ in our name and I thought of the phrase ‘Go West Young Man’.

With hits like We Close Our Eyes, King of Wishful Thinking, and Call Me among many, their music was described by record producer Arif Mundin as ‘modern Motown’.

Peter says, “Motown is a big influence for me personally and I was very flattered by that reference.

“By the time we were doing the first album though, we were a rock band.”

Their debut single was their choice, which was unusual as the record company usually picked the singles.

Peter takes up the story.

“We went to try to write a single and came up with Call Me,” he says.

“But Chrysalis didn’t want it to be the first single and they invited us to pick another – and we chose We Close Our Eyes.”

It proved to be a good choice as it was their biggest hit, reaching number five in the UK charts.

Fast forward to this year and they have teamed up with Hue and Cry – whose hits include Labour of Love and Looking For Linda – and The Christians – famous for Harvest for the World, Ideal World and Hooverville.

Peter explains the shows’ running order.

“It’s my understanding at the moment that The Christians will be on first and do about half an hour.”

“Then Hue and Cry will be doing an unplugged set for about 40 minutes, and then we’ll end the show and do about an hour.”

He adds however: “We may alter things a bit to whatever makes the show work best.”

As to what they’ll be performing, Peter says: “There’ll be a handful of hits that the fans will expect and a song or two from our new album, 3D, plus a number of interesting and surprising covers

“We seem to be successful at putting our twist on songs – something that people don’t expect to hear.”

Peter concludes: “We’re looking forward very much to the tour; it’s an interesting selection of artists.”

Go West, Hue & Cry and The Christians will be coming to The City Hall, Sheffield on Wednesday, December 4.

Tickets are available from the Box Office and all the usual agencies.