Classical meets punk in musical adventure

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Take four musicians from backgrounds as diverse as classical and punk, and embark on a musical adventure.

Tunes collide with rhythms and counter melodies - a powerhouse of sound. Violin, mandolin, accordion and guitar comprise the unique experience that is Spiro.

They plat at the Civic in Barnsley on May 16 after receiving rave reviews.

“Cinematic, breathtaking and beautiful,” said Songlines as the folk quartet redefine British folk music with their blend of Northumbrian traditional tunes and systems music.

Spiro have performed at festivals across the UK, and taken their sound worldwide, attracting fanatical enthusiasm from their increasing audiences who follow their performances with an almost religious awe. Their approach to their music is unique, breathtaking and seems impossible, even as you watch it.

Jane Harbour explains: “We’re like a string quartet, but the most driving and exciting string quartet that you could imagine.”

Inspiring and impossibly intricate, Spiro are sure to provide you with an, astonishing live experience.