Captivating Calvi to brood on stage

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With a second album to her name, Anna Calvi can’t wait to get back on tour.

Ever since Anna Calvi first started performing songs from her debut album over three years ago, she’s earned a reputation as a very intense singer and guitar player.

You won’t read a review of her albums or live shows that doesn’t feature the words ‘brooding’ or ‘dramatic’.

It’s utterly captivating, watching her perform, and exhausting for her, although don’t expect her to change that when she begins her upcoming tour.

“It is tiring, but it’s a replenishing feeling and it feels good to be able to express myself in that way,” she says.

Calvi’s second album, One Breath, came out in October last year.

Like her Mercury Prize-nominated self-titled debut, released in 2011, One Breath is a fiery affair, a whirling, gothic drama in which she comes across as a kind of Telecaster-wielding femme fatale.