Alt-rockers Pushing hard to get to the front of the pack

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Pusher don’t hang about.

In fact, the Barnsley band couldn’t have a more suitable moniker.

Within two seconds of listening to Pusher’s latest track, Revive, it’s clear that this is a band that means business.

From Barnsley, the alt-rockers have ascended the music ladder and are now frequently mentioned across the music press.

Not bad for a DIY band from Barnsley who started less than a year ago.

“I suppose we know what we want, where we’re going and we work hard for it,” says the band’s Nevyn Stevenson.

“We have come a long 
way since we started and 
it’s going well.”

The band have released a string of singles, fusing prog, electro, rock, pop and even trip-hop elements. The sound is vast, euphoric and cinematic.

“We’re all on the same musical wavelength as we’ve all played in bands together before so we know how each other ticks.

“We’ve now got a new drummer and he totally gets the dance / rock thing we do.”

In a sense, finding the right musical partners is rather like finding one’s spouse.

“It really is, you have to 
get on but we have it sorted,” says Stevenson.

There’s a dark streak to Pusher though – vocals are haunting and evocative of a dark, eerie place.

Yet this sinister sound is at odds with Stevenson’s demeanour. He’s cheery, easy-going and as Barnsley as you can get.

And neither he nor the rest of the band takes anything for granted.

“We’d love to record an album but we really want to make sure there’s an audience for it first. But we are doing an EP and that will be released in October.”

Until then, you can sample Pusher at!sound/c1n0