Accaimed singer-songwriter Dan Patlansky excited to hit the road to Sheffield

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Singer-songwriter Dan Patlansky admits he is excited about his first visit to Sheffield – even if it is a bit different to opening for Bruce Springsteen in front of 64,000 people.

The South African is embarking on his first British tour to promote the UK release of his critically acclaimed album Dear Silence Thieves.

Dan says: “Last year, we released it in South Africa, but we never released it in the UK, so this is the official European release.

“It’s very very exciting. You never knew how an album will be received, so its fantastic to see the response the album got.”

And the album certainly got a good response when first released.

Crowned 2014’s best blues/rock album by the American Blues Rock Review, with critics calling it ‘huge’ and ‘an impressive and vibrant collection of contemporary blues rock, seamless weaving in flavours of funk’.

And he is thrilled to showcase it to new audiences.

“It’s our first time in Sheffield,” he says. “There’ll be music from the new album. It’s a real high energy show. It’s not your dad’s blues, it’s a modern blues rock.

“I am looking forward to it.

“I’ve only played a few low profile London shows before, so England is all new to me. I am geographically challenged when it comes to the UK.

“It’s all about building up audience and profile,”

But playing to a few hundred people in The Greystones in Sheffield is a bit different to playing in front of 64,000 people when he was handpicked by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, to open for him at Johannesburg’s FNB Stadium.

“You never really change the show,” he says. “If you think you’re a real star by playing for 64000 people, you think you’ve arrived, but next day you play to 100 people and it brings you down to Earth.

“It’s more intimidating playing to small crowds, because you can see people’s faces, whereas playing a stadium is a bit surreal. When you’re on stage, you can’t really register the size, you feel disconnected from the audience.

“It was exciting, but when the day came it was very daunting – to play to 64,000 people is enough to freak anyone out.

“And it was 64,000 people not to see me. You have to try to win the audience over so the first song is so important.

“I remember in the first song, I looked to my right and there was Bruce watching the show. That took the stress levels way up, but it was fantastic.”

And for any Steel City fans who miss Dan tomorrow, they can catch him at Sheffield City Hall in November, when he supports Joe Satriani.

Dan says: “I am going to get to experience two different venues – a small club-type of show than a show on a fairly big scale. It’s great to do both.”

Dan Patlansky plays The Greystones, Greystones Road, Greystones, Sheffield, on Tuesday, April 28, from 8pm. For tickets, priced £12 in advance, visit The Greystones website