Weekend Tea: Tasty just like Grandma’s

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There are very few places in the world that capture a feeling.

Honey Pie Tearoom on Chesterfield Road does just that even if you haven’t been there before.

It is like you have wandered back a few decades and stumbled upon afternoon tea in your favourite grandma’s living room.

The atmosphere just hits you as you walk through the door ... that welcoming feeling.

To put it in a word - cosy.

And even when you have small children with you the staff manage that unusual feat of making you feel as if they are genuinely pleased to see your little mites. There are books for them to read, toys to entertain them and plenty of food options to keep them happy.

The decor can only be described as a colourful hotch-potch of comfort, fun, words of wisdom and love of cake.

The counter strains under the weight of amazing creations that include popular treats as well as plenty you haven’t even imagined before.

A latte is £1.90 and you can have it decaf, skimmed, with soya milk or whatever your heart desires. My children opted for fruit smoothies and were very pleased with their choice, particularly when they tasted the chocolate indulgence cake.

I had the afternoon tea and even though I am particularly fussy when it comes to scones, this was crammed full of home-baked delicousness. A large chalkboard on the wall proclaims the day’s specials and there is a wide range of savoury dishes.

We would heartily recommend the full cooked breakfast, whatever time of day.

Honey Pie has won itself a place in the hearts of many families in an area which suffered an unfortunate lack of cafes for many years.

Yet there must be a tremble of fear in the land of cake and honey due to the large Costa Coffee which is being built just across the road and promises to open soon.

This is one of those small, local businesses which the good folk of Sheffield will have to use or lose - and I would thoroughly recommend the first option.

Stressed is desserts spelt backwards ... and however you felt when you walked in, you will feel better as you leave.

Food: 4

Atmosphere: 5

Value: 4

Service: 5