TAKEAWAY TEST: Woody’s Sandwich Bar, 657 Ecclesall Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield. Tel: 0114 2676122

Woody's Sandwich Bar
Woody's Sandwich Bar
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WOODY’S Sandwich Bar is a Hunters Bar institution.

At breakfast and dinner time each day hungry workmen, shop workers and residents form a queue outside the Ecclesall Road establishment’s door.

Inside the tiny shop an array of blackboards proudly advertises a huge range of sandwiches.

It would take more than two months to work through every option.

More than 70 different sandwich combinations are on offer, including the intriguingly named ‘Big Boy’ (turkey, ham, bacon and cheese), ‘The Guvnor’ (beef and mustard) and ‘Po’ Boy’ (crab and tartar sauce).

And at weekends it is Woody’s speciality – the ‘Full Monty’ – which draws the crowds.

This is the kind of sandwich you can’t eat without a knife and fork.

It packs a full fried breakfast into a large breadcake – bacon, sausages, a fried egg, tomato, mushrooms, and, best of all, black pudding.

On a rainy Sunday, with nothing in the fridge, we headed to Woody’s to pick up a lazy brunch.

Unfortunately, the rest of west Sheffield seemed to have the same idea.

After queuing in the rain, we choose the classic Full Monty, a roasted Mediterranean vegetable melt, coffee, hot chocolate and a couple of flapjacks to keep us going until tea.

Back home, soggy jackets hung over the radiator, we set into our lunch.

Unfortunately, the staff on this particular day have let us down a little, presumably unable to deal with the extremely busy rush of customers.

Roasted vegetables consist of a couple of raw tomatoes, one green pepper, greasy mushrooms and - worst of all - sweetcorn.

The request for no mushrooms in the Full Monty has gone ignored, and the sausages are burnt.

Not the best of takeaways, but, given the great sandwiches we’ve had there in the past, I’m willing to put it down as a one-off.

Takeaway facts

Venue: Woody’s Sandwich Bar

Address: 657 Ecclesall Road, Hunters Bar, Sheffield

Tel: 0114 2676122

Website: woodyssandwiches.co.uk

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 8.45am-4pm; Saturday 9am-4pm; Sunday 10am-4pm.

Delivery: No

Parking: On Sharrow Vale Road

Prices: £1.50 - £3 for a sandwich

Verdict: Legendary establishment, failed to meet expectations on this occasion.