TAKEAWAY TEST: Sun Yee, 174 Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1UH. Tel: 0114 268 4366

Sun Yee,  Crookes
Sun Yee, Crookes
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STICK ‘Sun Yee’ into Google and you get a somewhat eclectic top three results.

First is a Wikipedia page for ‘Sun Yee On’, which, the reader learns, is one of China’s most ruthless triad gangs.

They have 40,000 members around the world so we’ll move on without making any jokes at their expense.

Third is a Google Images entry showing a hot Korean art student by the name of Sun Yee.

She’s 21, 162cms tall, likes Johnny Depp, and her favourite colour is blue.

And, ah, the second entry, nestled between that unlikely pair, is the badger we’re looking for: Sun Yee in Crookes.

It is from this take away which we took away.

Was it good?

How do you make ‘meh’ stretch to 300 words?

We – me and her – shared spicy salt and pepper chicken, crispy shredded beef with chilli, chicken with bamboo shoots and water chestnuts, and char siu pork with ginger and spring onion, along with boiled rice and free prawn crackers.

It was pleasant but predictable.

Typical Chinese done typically.

Certainly, we’d be happy to go back but, equally, we probably never will.

Chicken a little under-spiced, beef a little over sweet, pork a little chewy, but nothing that wasn’t polished off and declared... aye, decent enough.

The order came quickly, the shop is inviting, and the prices are forgiving.


As deliveries go, it’s better than the Triads arriving on your doorstep.

But perhaps not as good as if Sun Yee, 21, from Seoul, did.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: Sun Yee, 174 Crookes, Sheffield, S10 1UH.

Tel: 0114 268 4366

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 5pm - 11.30pm. Midnight Friday and Saturday.

Price: £18.30 for meal described.

Parking: On street.

Verdict: All right.