TAKEAWAY TEST: Street Food Chef, 90 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE. Tel: 0114 2752390

Street Food Chef
Street Food Chef
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FOR several months, I had refrained from taking up a slot on The Star’s Takeaway Test rota.

My reluctance to join the ranks was no noble cause. All journalists lap up a takeaway like a nation mourning the passing of the Olympics laps up stories about fake lions in Essex.

The reason was simply that, having moved to Sheffield recently and knowing practically no-one, there wasn’t anyone to eat my takeaway with...

It is bad enough spending a large proportion of my week in the Meal for One section of Waitrose, but ordering take-out food, sitting and eating on my tod and then having to relive the experience in print was just too sad a prospect.

Thankfully, a few months on I have forged some wonderful friendships, particularly with my near-neighbours Rosie and Adelle. Together, we three are the Ecclesall Road Spinster Club.

Seizing the opportunity to treat my new gal pals I asked them to help me pick an eatery. After searching for venues offering our collective favourite, Mexican, online at justeat.co.uk, we went for the Street Food Chef.

Adelle and Rosie both went for Chicken Burrito in a Tomato Sauce while I took the vegetarian option of a bean chilli one. Delivery came, complete with complimentary nachos, just 13 minutes after booking online. The meals were hot, fresh and smelled sensational.

My burrito was a delight from start to finish, packed to the brim with rice and beans. Nachos can be bland but the Street Food Chef’s were packed with flavour.

Each burrito comes with a pot of sour cream and a chosen salsa. Rosie went for mild, Adelle medium and I was feeling particularly brave and went for the hottest stuff. Bad move. Just one fingernail full was the cue for a lot of girly hand-waving, squinting and jumping around the kitchen. Adelle even found her medium a little too much, but it was the perfect compliment to my veggie dish.

All three of us failed to pick a real fault, except maybe that our side order of chunky guacamole was probably too fresh for our tastebuds, more used to the supermarket stuff!

Call me uncouth if you will but give me a burrito and a bottle of real ale over cocktails and sushi any day. Those Sex and the City girls don’t know what they’re missing out on.

Takeaway Facts

Address: Street Food Chef, 90 Arundel Street, Sheffield S1 4RE

Tel: 0114 2752390

What we had: Guacamole £1, Chicken Burrito in a Tomato Sauce £4.95, Chicken Burrito in a Tomato Sauce with Monterey Jack Cheese £5.45, Bean Chilli Burrito with peppers & onion £4.95. Total: £16.35.

Verdict: The ‘mmmmm’ of approval