Takeaway Test: Spice Villa, 753 City Road, Sheffield, S12 2AA. Tel: 0114 2655477

Spice Villa, City Road, Sheffield
Spice Villa, City Road, Sheffield
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The vast majority of takeaway leaflets that fall through our letter box - and believe me there are a lot - go straight in the recycling bin.

But Spice Villa hit lucky.

It landed on the doormat on the day we really fancied a curry and were feeling too lazy to cook our own.

There are lots of options on the menu as well as lots of claims about magic foods, unique spices and the offer that any food can be prepared on request.

We placed our order and were told it would be with us in 40 minutes.

Considering it was only 6pm and midweek I was suprised when we had to call up an hour later to chase it up - fortunately the door bell rang just as we put down the phone. And just as luckily it was worth the wait.

We started with Agrah mixed kebab which had three different types of kebab meat served with a raita dip - all well cooked, a generous helping and tasty.

It was only when we were clearing away at the end that we discovered a little bag of salad hiding at the bottom of the bag ... oops.

Our main course was made up of lamb balti, chicken biryani £6 and saag bhaji.

Both the meat curries were spicier than expected but very nice.

One of the kids - serving themselves some biryani - declared: ‘There’s too much meat in this’.

Not a comment ever uttered before when it comes to curry takeaways and very welcome. The spinach dish cost just £2.50 so I’d expected a bit of a mean-sized side dish. It was smaller than the others but actually would have made a fine main course with rice.

The garlic nan bread was huge, obviously fresh and very nice. Even the chips were crispy and just made, not what you always get when you open a box of fries from a curry house.

If they can only speed up the delivery time the Spice Villa, which only opened recently, will be a real hit because the food is great and the prices are good.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: Spice Villa, 753 City Road, Sheffield, S12 2AA

Tel: 0114 2655477

Website: www.spice-villa.co.uk

Opening hours: Monday till Saturday 5pm - 11.30pm; Sunday 5pm-11pm

Parking: Yes

Delivery: Free on orders above £8

Verdict: Really good and generous on the meat

What we had: Agrah mixed kebab £3.50, lamb balti £6.50, chicken biryani £6, saag bhaji £2.50, garlic nan £2, chips £1

Cost: £21.50 in total.