TAKEAWAY TEST: Shimla restaurant and takeaway, 10a Church Street, Armthorpe, Doncaster. Telephone: 01302 833888

Shimla restaurant and takeaway, Armthorpe.
Shimla restaurant and takeaway, Armthorpe.
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SOME takeaways seem to change ownership or close almost as soon as they open but the Shimla in Armthorpe, near Doncaster, has gone from strength to strength.

What started as just a takeaway in 2004 has expanded into a restaurant as well, with a tempting four-course banquet on offer every Wednesday for £9.95.

But it was a home delivered meal we craved after a hard day’s decorating.

We phoned our order through and it arrived in a little less than the promised 40 minutes.

My Shimla Special curry smelled scrumptious and tasted just as good with a generous mix of lamb, chicken, prawns and mushrooms.

A generous portion of pilau rice easily filled our large dinner plates and the decorator’s assistant was also presented with a sizeable container of chicken tikka biryani.

A side dish of aloo gobi completed the order and the famished DIY-ers polished it off in no time at all.

As with all Indians, the usual suspects appear on the extensive menu but the list of specialities offers some interesting alternatives.

For those with a sweet tooth, how about Sylhety Chicken cooked with almond, coconut and sliced mango?

Or for those wanting a change from chicken, the Shimla is the first takeaway we’ve come across to offer Duck Bahar – thin slices of duck breast in medium spices.

And now for something completely different - Ostrich Sallom. Yes, you read that right, a dish of grilled ostrich meat served with peppers and fresh coriander.

The Shimla also offers set meals for two or four people at £15.95 and £29.95.

Shimla customers dining at the Church Street restaurant are also welcome to bring their own alcoholic drinks.

We declared this the best curry takeaway in quite a while but wondered if we should not have buried out our heads in the sand and perhaps tried the ostrich!

Shimla restaurant and takeaway, 10a Church Street, Armthorpe, Doncaster.

Telephone: 01302 833888

Opening hours: 5.30pm to 11pm daily.

Deliveries: Yes, free within three-mile radius

What I ordered: Shimla Special Curry, Chicken Tikka Biryani, All Gobi, Pilau rice, total £17.15.

Parking: Yes, nearby.

How did it taste: Very satisfying.