Takeaway Test: Sakushi, Campo Lane, Sheffield

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It’s a dieter’s dilemma - how to enjoy a takeaway without those feelings of guilt.

Sushi, which is healthy, light but tasty, could be the answer. Sakushi on Campo Lane was recently voted the best Japanese takeaway in the country, so we put it to the test.

Three sets of colourful rolls, spicy tuna, Sakushi special and Philadelphia were tongue-sizzling and creamy by turns.

We cheated a little with the duck gyoza, little parcels of succulent meaty joy with plum sauce. And spooning up the oodles of teriyaki chicken sauce can’t be that good for you either.

The whole lot cost us £16 with a delivery discount code and arrived promptly - we could have scoffed three times as much.

So it may not as cheap as a pizza, but it’s worth paying a few pounds extra to lose a few from the waistline.

Food 4

Service 4

Value 3