Takeaway Test: Saigon 68, 175, London Road, S2 4LH

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If you thought a take away was a greasy cheat to proper cooking, think again.

At Saigon 68, takeaways are (almost) guilt -free.

Last night I ordered a Vietnamese roast duck stir fry with pan-fried pork dumplings to start.

The dumplings were tasty, compact and came with a soy sauce dip. The folded fried pastry and pork parcels were extremely moreish so it was lucky there are four or five in a box.

The roasted stirfried duck was equally scrumptious, with lemongrass and bok choy flavours. Noodles were fine, tasty but not too greasy and the duck was remarkably chunky and succulent.

Though they said it would take around 40 minutes until the food arrived it was more like 25, just enough time to settle with a glass of red wine. Overall, fresh, tasty and filling.