TAKEAWAY TEST: Rainbow Chinese Takeaway, 14 Bramley Park Road, Handsworth, Sheffield S8 0RN. Telephone: 2692645

Rainbow  Bramley Park Road Handsworth.
Rainbow Bramley Park Road Handsworth.
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LIKE most Sheffield lads I was brought up to believe that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow.

So when a flier dropped on the doormat advertising the Rainbow Chinese Takeaway I just had to check it out.

And yes I’m pleased to report that the snap on offer at the Handsworth eatery is pure gold - and the size of the portions leaves you feeling like you’ve hit the mother load.

We ordered what we thought was enough for three and were left with loads of leftovers - even after our usually unfillable dog had enjoyed her share.

And it wasn’t only the quantity which impressed.

The quality was right up there too.

To start we shared a perfectly cooked mixed hot appetiser of spare ribs, sesame prawn toast, spring roll and seaweed at £5.20 , together with a satay chicken on a skewer at £3.70.

We followed that with a meat packed chicken curry at £3.80, sweet and sour king prawns in beautifully crisp batter at £4.50, a portion of not too claggy fried rice at £1.80 and, surprisingly for a Chinese takeaway, a large portion of chips, at £1.30, which were cooked to perfection. Crispy cased and fluffy inside, smashing.

The shop is bright and clean and quite a pleasant place to sit and wait if you have to.

Not that you will be doing that for very long, thanks to a fast and friendly staff. We were there less than ten minutes.

And as a bonus, if you spend more than £10 you get free prawn crackers, over £20 gets you a free portion of rice or a bottle of Coke and spend more than £30 and you get a free curry dish.

n Venue: Rainbow Chinese Takeaway, 14 Bramley Park Road, Handsworth, Sheffield S8 0RN

n Telephone: 2692645

n Parking: On street.

n Menu: Usual Chinese stuff with some English dishes.

n Waiting time: 10 minutes

n What we had: mixed hot appetiser, satay chicken, chicken curry, sweet and sour king prawns, fried rice, and chips. Total cost: £20.30.

n How did it taste: Smashing.

n Verdict: I’ll be flying over to this Rainbow again.