TAKEAWAY TEST: Pizza City, 454 East Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 2AD. Tel: 0114 2654455.

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What’s in a name?

Well in the case of Pizza City very little actually.

We pulled up at this takeaway on East Bank Road expecting to buy pizza.

On closer examination we noticed the menu actually says Pizza City & Indian Cuisine, but the emphasis really isn’t on the Italian offerings.

There are seven pages of dishes on the menu and just one is pizza.

Burgers, wraps, fried chicken – in fact you can get it all at Pizza City.

Taking guidance from the majority, we decided to ignore the name and try something different.

When I’d asked what people wanted to order I was met with blank faces, perhaps because of the enormous range.

I was told to pick a surprise, so opted for lamb tikka kebab.

Sadly the surprise was it fell well below expectations because the meat was far too chewy.

It cost £3.70 for a small kebab but most wasn’t eaten.

A good lamb tikka can be delicious – this just wasn’t.

Luckily, the large chicken tikka kebab, costing £4.50, was much better.

It tasted good, was well cooked and served with lots of fresh salad.

One good thing about being offered such a wide ranging menu is that there is also lots of room for special offers.

The youngest diner opted for offer 6 for £3.99 – chicken nuggets, chips, potato wedges and onion.

He was absolutely delighted with the big portion and ate every last big, declaring it yummy.

We picked up our order and had to nip to a cash machine because Pizza City does not take card.

I wasn’t very impressed with this as it meant getting the kids back into the car on a dark, rainy night but there was no alternative.

Our order wasn’t ready when we came back just over 10 minutes later – maybe they thought we’d done a runner.

Although we were the only ones in the takeaway at that point, the phone didn’t stop ringing for deliveries.

So it must be popular – maybe we should have followed the name and stuck to pizza.

Takeaway Facts

Pizza City, 454 East Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 2AD. Tel: 0114 2654455.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 5pm-11.45pm; Friday and Saturday, 5pm-12.45am.

Waiting time: 20 minutes collection

Menu: Lots of Indian cuisine but also burgers, wraps and of course, pizza.

What I had: Lamb tikka kebab, chicken tikka kebab and offer 6 for £3.99 – chicken nuggets, chips, potato wedges and onion, special. Cost: £12.90.