TAKEAWAY TEST: Pirates Pastys, 1 Orchard Square, Sheffield, S1 2FB, Tel: 0114 2727444

Pirates Pastys at Orchard Square Shopping Centre, Sheffield
Pirates Pastys at Orchard Square Shopping Centre, Sheffield
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THERE’S a bit of an identity crisis going on at Pirates Pastys, just inside the doors of the Church Street entrance to Orchard Square.

The confusing thing is that they don’t sell pasties any more, because people would rather have Mexican food instead, apparently.

And the other thing is that the extremely friendly woman who runs the takeaway doesn’t come from Mexico, she comes from Cuba and her colleague comes from Colombia.

There are plans to change the name but, meanwhile, just look out for the chalk board in Church Street with a drawing of a sombrero on and the lunchtime queue at the counter inside.

You can choose from the usual chilli (beef, vegetable or quorn) served with rice and there are also burritos and fajitas.

Fillings are displayed on the glass counter, then heated up in the microwave when you have chosen.

We plumped for burritos, one with spicy beef and one with barbecue pork.

They were well worth a fiver and were so filling that we didn’t really need to eat again for the rest of the day.

As well as plenty of each filling soft tortillas were also crammed with sour cream, rice, lettuce, red onions, kidney beans (not exactly refried), cruncy nachos, sauce and cheese.

Although they were expertly wrapped and sealed I still managed to drop a fair bit on the ground.

We both agreed that the burritos were very spicy – the nachos sauce seemed to be a fiery as the picante – and the meat became a bit chewy after being reheated in the microwave, but if you’re looking for something filling then set a course for Pirates Pastys.

If they’re struggling for a new name, how about Pirates of the Caribbean.

Takeaway Facts

Pirates Pastys

Address: Pirates Pastys, authentico sabor Mexicano

1 Orchard Square, Sheffield, S1 2FB

Tel: 0114 2727444

Open: Monday to Friday 10.30am-3pm, Saturday 10.30am-2.30pm

Service: Very friendly. I found out from chatting that the Colombian man was anxiously waiiting for news of his son’s first trip by plane… from Benidorm

Parking: City centre

Delivery: 07809 154678 for deliveries (11am-3pm)

What we had: Spicy beef burrito (£5) babrbecue pork burrito (£5) Total: £10

Verdict: Hearty food ahoy