TAKEAWAY TEST: PaLKee Balti House, 115-119 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0RN. Telephone: 0114 258 8822, 07527 667168.

PaLKee balti house
PaLKee balti house
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FRIDAY night and I’m up a ladder wallpapering, which seemed the ideal excuse for getting a takeaway.

I’d had a meal at PaLKee before and really enjoyed their Bengali fish dishes, so I thought I’d give their takeaway service a try.

The restaurant lies at the edge of the main parade of shops in Heeley and it’s had a few incarnations.

It’s now run by a lovely Bangladeshi family and the mum grinds all the spices for the fish dishes by hand.

I couldn’t find the menu that had arrived through the door, so I went on the computer and ordered via an online fast food service. You can book a time slot for delivery and the food arrived bang on time.

I put the main course in the oven while I tackled the channa chot poti starter – a generous portion of stir-fried chick peas that had been spiced up a bit and fried with onions, peppers and flavoured with fresh coriander. It came with yoghurt mint and a bag of salad.

Next up was the Kechki Maach Special, “Bengali small fish with authentic spices”.

Unfortunately I hadn’t realised there was some (now hot) salad on top but it didn’t matter much.

The fish was good and the spicing, while very mild, was really good – loads of layers of flavour.

The same could be said for a side dish of labra mixed veg, the potatoey sauce of which which had a lovely, smooth texture.

I got a bit carried away with my love of coriander and ordered coriander rice and a coriander and garlic nan and both were lovely, with more fresh flavours.

There was also plenty left over for the next day.

Sadly, the same could be said for the decorating…

Takeaway Facts

Venue: PaLKee Balti House, 115-119 Chesterfield Road, Sheffield, S8 0RN.

Telephone: 0114 258 8822, 07527 667168.

Parking: on street.

Menu: Usual balti house and curry choices, spiced up with some Bengali additions.

Service: Excellent.

Waiting time: 45 minutes, as expected

What I had: chana chot poti (£1.75), kechki maach special (£5.95), labra side dish (£1.75), coriander rice, (£2.25), garlic and coriander nan (£2.20). Total cost: £15.60.

How did it taste: Excellent, very fresh.

Verdict: Great, especially if you want to try something a little bit different.