Takeaway Test: Nourish, Pinstone Street, Sheffield.

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Being pretty health-conscious, so much as looking at a take-away menu can leave me feeling bloated.

So I felt my prayers had been answered when healthy grub specialist Nourish opened in the city centre.

I picked the lentil dhal wholemeal wrap (£3.45), salmon chickpea salad (£3.95) and chicken bulgar wheat salad (£4.45) for myself and a friend to share.

The stand-out was the chicken salad, which was surprisingly filling and perfectly complemented by butternut squash and feta.

While the salmon was flavourful and olives made a nice accompaniment, I felt there wasn’t enough fish and found myself longing for a dash of lemon and cracked black pepper to enhance the flavour. All in all, though, it was a welcome break from the norm of processed sandwiches.

Food 5

Service 4

Value 5