TAKEAWAY TEST: Nawaab Sheffield, 95 - 101 West Street, Sheffield, S1 4EQ. www.nawaabsheffield.co.uk

Nawaab restaurant, West Street.
Nawaab restaurant, West Street.
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EVER noticed that no take-away ever gets a really bad review in this here column?

There’s the occasional minor criticism for sure but never any real check-with-the-lawyer scathers.

Which could be a sign of one of two social phenomena.

One: your average under-nourished journalist is so grateful of a free dinner, they can’t help but be over-whelmingly positive.

Or (perhaps more likely) two: society has such low expectations of our burger bars and curry cabins that anything short of not being given a dose of food poisoning is considered a success.

Unfortunately a place like Nawaab can’t start from such poor expectations because, as regulars of the rather posh West Street restaurant will know, its food is generally a delight.

Better writers than this one have made that point – Martin Dawes on this very page for instance.

But how, we wondered, would that translate to its new(ish) takeaway service?

The answer?

Let’s put it this way: there’ll be no scathing criticism here either.

For this is delivered food to warm the cockles of any curry-craving heart.

We started with the chicken seekh kebab which, if small in size, was big on taste; and moved on to the karahi gosht (for me) and the lamb nawaabi (for her).

And jolly good it was too: rich and red, filling and flavoursome, and as fresh-tasing as any curry as this writer has ever had. And he’s had a few.

There was a bonus too: prices are far cheaper than you pay for the equivalent eat in meals at the restaurant and it came with a couple of free poppadoms and a free sundry (we got pilau rice to add to our paid for chapatis).

Good review? It deserves a fantastic one.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: Nawaab Sheffield, 95 - 101 West Street, Sheffield, S1 4EQ.

Website: www.nawaabsheffield.co.uk

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 5 - 11pm, Friday to Saturday, 5pm - 1am.

Delivery: Yes.

Parking: City centre parking.

Prices: Standard takeaway tariffs.

Verdict: You’ll do well to do better.