Takeaway Test: McDonalds, High Street, Sheffield. Opening hours: 5.30am-12.30am

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I SO wanted it to be brilliant.

A 10/10 salad from MacDonald’s that was zingy, fresh and tasty would be one in the eye for those who condemn all fast food as alien to our culture, addictively fatty and just plain bad.

I have to report that it wasn’t 10/10 nor was it nine or even eight.

But it wasn’t that bad either.

Low calorie – 205 to be precise including a tasty low-fat balsamic dressing at 25 calories – the chicken and bacon salad came in its own box with clear plastic lid.

What looked at first like pieces of ham on top were in fact pieces of floppy pink bacon with more barely-cooked fat than you’d expect from a 1970s transport cafe.

The bacon tasted fine but my vision of thin streaky, crispy strips you get in American diners was a little optimistic.

But the chicken was perfect. White breast meat cooked to perfection leaving it moist, tender and hot.

The salad was good for the price with crunchy lettuce, some spinach leaves, grated carrot and nicely ripe cherry tomatoes but it’s not going to rival Marks and Spencer, Boots or the Fig Tree cafe for lunchtime variety.To make it a proper lunch I added small fries and a coffee – making a modest 450 calories in all – about a quarter of a man’s recommended daily intake with 17 grams of fat making 10 per cent of a healthy day’s allowance.

For just over a fiver that’s not bad.

The coffee was good, as McDonald’s coffee usually is and the fries were, well, fries.

Crispy, salty lovely things that would make fatties of us all if we let them.

Re the salad – McDonald’s have made the effort and offer calorie counts for all their foods, some remarkably light, others big and fatty and all printed on the back of their tray liners.

But they’re best at what they’re best at.

Takeaway Facts

A 7/10 salad at the price but if you like McDonald’s – and billions do – it’s still the place to go for a guilty treat.

Venue: McDonalds, High Street, Sheffield

Opening hours: 5.30am-12.30am

Parking: No

Delivery: No

Verdict: Good coffee, decent fries, average salad

What we had: Chicken and bacon salad meal with fries and coffee plus a cheeky cheeseburger

Cost: £6.07