TAKEAWAY TEST: Jin Jie, 53 Alnwick Road, Intake, Sheffield. Tel: 0114 2399543

Jin Jie
Jin Jie
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THE takeaway on Alnwick Road at Intake has had a few incarnations. From a ‘go-to’ fish and chip shop many years ago through a Chinese or two and now to Jin Jie.

Or Jean Genie as it was instantly christened in our house (hands up all those who remember the David Bowie track?)

It’s good food and they like to surprise you with a freebie or two (or even three when we called in at the weekend).

Go for the pancake roll as a starter (pictured). It’s the biggest I’ve come across – think two normal-sized pancake rolls joining forces – and one of the best.

Also up for appetisers were the three freebies. Prawn crackers, a pot of luminous sauce and four mini spring rolls – sweet, herby and easily the hit of the trio.

For mains we plumped for chicken and cashew nuts (a hit, with plenty of cashews), beef with green pepper and black bean sauce (nicely gloopy but a bit salty) and a special fried rice (a bit dark but very tasty, with plenty of ingredients).

And it’s next door to the Premier store so you can pop in there while it’s cooking to search out an accompaniment.

There’s plenty to go at – 162 choices in fact, including english, kids’ meals and set menus.

Takeawat Facts

Venue: Jin Jie, 53 Alnwick Road, Intake, Sheffield

Tel: 0114 2399543

Parking: Small area at front or on street

Menu: Comprehensive

Waiting time: About 10 minutes

What we had: Pancake rolls (£1.50 each), Chicken and cashew nuts (£3.60), Beef with green pepper and black bean sauce (£3.60) and special fried rice (£4.20). Total £14.40.

Verdict: A Star(man) place to go.