TAKEAWAY TEST: Jade Orient restaurant & takeaway, 22 Northern Avenue, Sheffield S2 2JB. Tel: 0114 2658535

Jade Orient
Jade Orient
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THERE’S no doubt pubs are a dying breed.

Nowadays the Supertram route into south-east Sheffield, pubs-wise, has a very different look to a few years ago.

The Old Harrow and the Cutlers on Sheffield’s outskirts are now both (very good) Indian restaurants. The Travellers Rest on City Road is a convenience store.

And three pubs in close proximity on Norfolk Park have met with varying fates – one a shop, one demolished and one a church. Yes, that’s right, a church.

And then there’s the former Vulcan pub on Arbourthorne. Since the summer it’s been a Chinese restaurant and takeaway. And a good one too.

The Jade Orient promises “simply classic oriental food” and, if you’ll excuse the pun, delivers.

We plumped for takeaway set menu B and, even though the menu includes a starter, also went for some spring rolls – because you can’t not can you?

The menu starter, sweet and sticky chicken wings, got our taste buds going and the two orders of pork and chicken spring rolls turned out to be exactly that – two large and very tasty spring rolls, rather than four smaller ones.

Our substituted dish, chicken and cashew nuts with pineapple (instead of sweet and sour chicken) was, with the pineapple, a different take on an old favourite but was still nicely understated.

The second main meal was a black bean triple combo – chicken, roast pork and beef – which was a good meat and trimmings chew.

And the third dish was the hit of the menu, beef with mushroom. Good beef, proper mushrooms and real black beans you could spot, rather than just mushed up in a thick sauce.

And it all came with a decent egg fried rice – but we finished the meal chatting about the future of the Jade Orient.

When we dropped in for a takeaway, on a Friday evening, we were struck by the very smart split-level restaurant. It really did look well.

But, apart from us and the owners, there was no-one else in the place.

Which is a shame.

The message seems clear. And it’s the same message that applies to your local pub.

Use it or lose it.

Takeaway Facts

Jade Orient restaurant & takeaway, 22 Northern Avenue, Sheffield S2 2JB

Tel: 0114 2658535


Opening hours: Every day 5.30pm to 10.30pm except Tuesdays (closed)

Parking: Few spaces and street parking

What we had: Takeaway set meal B (starter, three main meals and fried rice) £15 and two portions of pork and chicken spring rolls at £1.95 each. Total bill £18.90.

Service: Friendly

Décor: Impressive

Verdict: A hit.