Takeaway Test: Dotty Nell’s Cafe,

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855 Gleadless Road, Sheffield S12 2LG.

Gleadless Townend is getting to be quite a little hub for eating places.

Within a hundred metres of the Supertram stop are an Italian-Mexican restaurant, four Indian restaurants (one being refurbished), a chip shop, a pizza takeaway and our destination, Dotty Nell’s Cafe, new this year.

In for a lunchtime takeaway for four, we sampled a bacon butty and sausage butty, both tasty at £1.90 each, a chicken salad sandwich and cheese salad sandwich, freshly made with crisp salad, a tuna mayo salad box and a slice of nice home-made cheese and onion quiche.

Then we rounded it off with a vanilla slice and a good moist carrot cake. The total bill was £15.40.

You can’t miss it – it’s the place with the bright pink front doors and the pink-with-white-spots colour scheme inside...