TAKEAWAY TEST: Da Vinci’s, South Road, Walkley. Phone: 0114 233 3890

Da Vincis Pizza Takeaway, South Road, Walkley.
Da Vincis Pizza Takeaway, South Road, Walkley.
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WITH a name like Da Vinci, one of the greatest thinkers of all time, you expect something pretty impressive.

And for an outlet in take-away-rich Walkey there is plenty of competition to keep a business on its toes.

So I arrived at the South Road pizzeria with high hopes of a decent feed to plonk down in front of the X-Factor or whatever other nonsense the television companies had resorted to plying us with in the name of Saturday night entertainment.

Arriving to place my order, the waft of hot pizzas coming from the kitchen was great – and I was pleased to find plenty of seating to park myself while I waited for my order. There was also a selection of newspapers, although closer inspection revealed they were a few days old.

My order arrived about 20 minutes later. I had gone for a 10-inch vegetarian pizza with tuna as an extra topping. My wife also had a 10-inch vegetarian pizza, but with ham as an extra.

It is hard to stand out in the competitive world of pizzas, but Da Vinci’s did the basics well. The toppings were liberal, and my wife particularly liked the chunky tomatoes.

Always fearful of a pizza with what she terms a soggy base, it passed her exacting standards on that front.

The pizza sauce on the base was distinctive, with a hint of mint in the flavour which I thought was a tasty variation on the usual.

Da Vinci’s also has plenty of options. They do pasta, kebabs, fried chicken and burgers. In all there are 28 types of pizza on the menu and another four calzones.

It may not inspire you to invent the helicopter, but the food is a picture of good taste.

It was certainly better than the choice on the telly.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: Da Vinci’s, South Road, Walkley

Phone: 0114 233 3890

Parking: On street

Menu: Comprehensive selection of pizza, burgers, fried chicken and kebabs

Waiting time: About 20 minutes

What we had: 10-inch vegetarian pizza with tuna, £4.60; 10-inch vegetarian pizza with ham, £4.60. Prices for pizzas for collection.

How did it taste: Pleasant and distinctive.

Verdict: A tasty and filling pizza at a reasonable price.