Takeaway Test: China Court, Mapplewell, Barnsley, S75 6FE. Tel: 01226 390188

China Court, Mapplewell, Barnsley
China Court, Mapplewell, Barnsley
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CHINA Court don’t deliver.

And that, right there, is the very worst thing I have to say about the place.

After a long Bank Holiday weekend spent eating far too many Easter eggs, the last thing my boyfriend and I felt like doing on Monday evening was cooking. So, we decided it simply had to be Chinese, and it simply had to be China Court.

It’s the only Chinese takeaway near where we live in Barnsley that doesn’t deliver, but it’s also easily the best one, so off we went. My red plaid pyjama bottoms did attract the odd stare as I nipped into the packed-out restaurant to collect our order, but the heavenly smell was enough to aleviate any embarrassment I might have felt had I not been so famished.

We ordered a portion of Sweet and Sour Chicken, a Schezwan Chicken, two portions of noodles and a portion of Spring Rolls - hereafter known as ‘the usual.’

The food at China Court is always fresh and delicious and, in my experience, they’re yet to have an ‘off day.’ The Sweet and Sour Chicken is my personal favourite, because it’s always perfectly done. The batter is thin and crispy and the sauce is tangy and just thick enough to cling to the fresh nuggets of chicken. The noodles - always ordered without beansprouts, thank you chef! - are thin and ‘bouncy’ without an overly slimy or crisp one in sight. The Schezwan Chicken is hot and tangy, perfectly spiced and incredibly tasty. Both portions are really very decent, with plenty of chicken and sauce. The noodles are very generous and getting through a portion is a challenge - but one I willingly accept every time.

And their spring rolls - a portion of four between two of us - really are the best we’ve ever had.

Bank Holiday perfection. This place always gets a firm two thumbs up. At £28.90 for the two of us, this isn’t exactly a cheap takeaway meal, but the quality of the food is simply fantastic and there’s a reason we keep going back time and time again.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: China Court, Mapplewell, Barnsley, S75 6FE

Tel: 01226 390188 ‎

Website: china-court-restaurant.co.uk

Opening hours: Sunday-Thursday 6pm-11pm; Friday and Saturday 6pm-11.30pm

Parking: Yes

Delivery: No delivery

Verdict: Really good portions and incredibly tasty dishes that never disappoint.

What we had: Sweet and Sour Chicken £7.20, Schezwan Chicken £7.50, two portions of noodles at £4.80 each and Spring Rolls at £4.60.

Cost: £28.90.