TAKEAWAY TEST: Califoria Fresh, 257 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2GZ

California Fresh on West Street
California Fresh on West Street
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IT’S HARD to imagine you’re on West Street once you step over the threshold of California Fresh.

The cafe is one of West Street’s newcomers, and as such, its owners have gone to great lengths to recreate the Californian spirit of the 1950s.

They’ve even got a blonde bodacious surf dude dummy holding up a surf board advertising today’s specials.

This is Sheffield’s answer the the American beach-side diner. Yet it’s right next to the tram stop.

The Beach Boys’ Fun Fun Fun blasts through the speakers, food is served in baskets and even the assistant has an American accent.

The food is a mix of America fast-food and Mexican classics, such as ‘cheese burger burritos’ only in this sense, ‘cheeseburger’ refers to diced meat, not to a slice of beef with cheese on top in a bun.

We opt for the ‘Back Bay BBQ’ and ‘Cheeseburger Style’ burrito. The cheeseburger-style burrito is a large, heavily-stuffed creation, packed with plentiful rice, salad, pieces of steak and cheese. Despite its name, the taste didn’t resemble a cheeseburger but it was a good deal more filling than a sandwich.

The Back Bay BBQ Burrito was stuffed with tasty diced steak, finely-chopped bacon, grated cheese, lettuce and a generous serving of rice – all stuffed into a tortilla wrap.

The BBQ sauce is tasty, adding punch without being too rich or sickly and the meat is tender, but the rice is a tad crunchy.

And, in true American style, the burritos are, of course, ridiculously big.

California Fresh – as their name suggests – use fresh ingredients and all marinades, salsa and guacamole are made from scratch. The menu also includes baked potatoes with all the standard fillings, boxed salads and a selection of crisps, yoghurts, fruit, buns and cake.

Takeaway Facts

Califoria Fresh

Address: 257 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2GZ.

Parking: Not good but there are some spots on Gel Street.

Prices: Chicken / pork / bacon burritos cost £4.85 while steak burritos cost £5.40. The ‘cheeseburger’ burrito costs £5 and vegetarian burrito costs £4.50.