TAKEAWAY TEST: Bollywood, 81 Scrooby Road, Harworth, Doncaster DN11 8JN. Tel: 01302 751420 or 01302 746746.

Bollywood, Harworth
Bollywood, Harworth
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BOLLYWOOD conjures up an image of colour, spectacle and glamour.

So it’s quite a bold statement giving this name to a Indian takeway in a former pit village.

The takeaway is tiny, clean and neatly painted and the staff are very friendly and efficient, but disappointingly they have not opted to kit themselves out in flamboyant costumes.

However, it has to be said that the menu more than makes up for this lack of glitz.

It is truly all singing, all dancing with ‘a selection of dishes not normally prepared in the locality’.

As well as traditional favourites, the Indian feasts section of the Bollywood menu offers roasted duckling and roasted quails, at £35 a pop.

The large fish section contains cod bhuna and vindaloo, sardine methi and telapiya biran.

You can also stock up on mango chutney, lime pickle and tamarind sauce while you choose your meal.

They also offer outside catering for any occasion from 10 to 1,000 people and suggest you try their marinated meat on your barbecue.

Despite this dizzying choice we played a little safer with our selection.

The ginger chicken was very tasty with strips of fresh ginger and herbs giving the dish a real zing.

House speciality gusht chagra, in which marinated lamb is charcoal baked and cooked in yoghurt, was a spicy delight.

The accompanying pilau rice was nicely cooked and the chapatis and paratha were still soft by the time we got them home.

All in all a very enjoyable Bollywood night.

Takeaway Facts

Venue: Bollywood, 81 Scrooby Road, Harworth, Doncaster DN11 8JN.

Tel: 01302 751420 or 01302 746746.

Opening hours: 5.30pm-11pm, every day, including bank holidays.

Service: Friendly and efficient.

Waiting time: Time to do a bit of shopping in the new Asda. Delivery is £1 up to four miles and 50p per mile thereafter.

Menu: All singing, all dancing. As well as the roast duckling and quails, there’s also the £65 Bollywood family feast, which feeds six to eight people and contains 21 items. The egg dishes have the intriguing names Pardon my French, Lines of Duties and Bombay to Goa.

What we had: Ginger chicken (£6.50), gusht chagra (£5.95), two portions of pilau rice (£3.70) paratha (£1.60) and two chapatis (£1.40). Total £19.15

Verdict: Frankly, go to Bollywood.