TAKEAWAY TEST: Bishops’ Coffee House and Bistro, Lees Hall Avenue, Norton Lees, Sheffield, S8 9JE. Call: 0114 2581999

Bishops coffee house at Norton Lees
Bishops coffee house at Norton Lees
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Think of Bishops House and most Sheffielders could be forgiven for thinking old-fashioned. After all it is one of the best known and oldest homes in the city.

However, two minutes’ walk away is somewhere which shares the name yet there, the similarities end.

Bishops’ Coffee House and Bistro is hybrid creature that at first glance might appear to be trying too hard to satisfy different tastes.

They do Caribbean days, bistro nights and burger events plus all the things you’d expect from a cafe.Their burger menu is quite something to behold.

There’s even a huge blackboard on the wall explaining just how their homemade burgers are created so deliciously.

There are toppings galore and veggie options - but that’s another story.

We headed to the coffee house on a Friday which is when they roll out the Caribbean menu.

There were four dishes on offer from the sunshine islands and with four hungry members of the family eager to eat, we picked one of each. The beef curry was well flavoured although not too spicy hot and there was certainly lots of the tender meat.

The most expensive option at £12 was the fish curry. It tasted great in a coconut sauce although it is more than you’d usually expect to pay for a takeaway dish.

The chickpea curry was my favourite - very simple but delicious. There was lots of sweet peppers mixed in with the rich coconut sauce creating an unusual treat for the tastebuds.

There was also chicken in a Caribbean sauce which was also nice if not quite as chillied as we’d expected.

All of the dishes came with rice and peas, well chickpeas which strictly speaking isn’t what you’d expect with Caribbean rice.

We were give generous helpings of coleslaw and salad with balsamic dressing, although normally it comes with a cabbage dish we were told.

It is only a small coffee house yet has a high standard with all its dishes and is a great addition to the neighbourhood.

I’d recommend popping in next time you take a trip to Meersbrook Park as even with such varied offerings, they always get it spot on.

We’ll be back to try the burger night and the kids are keen to sample the milkshakes soon.

Nancy Fielder


Venue: Bishops’ Coffee House and Bistro, Lees Hall Avenue, Norton Lees, Sheffield, S8 9JE.

Call: 0114 2581999

Opening hours: 9am - 5pm Monday, Wednesday, Saturday (open til 10pm on Bistro nights); 9am - 9pm Thursday, Friday; 9am - 4pm Sunday.

Parking: Several spaces outside but does get busy.

Delivery: No.

What I ordered: chickpea curry £6, Caribbean chicken £7, beef curry £8 and fish curry £12 - total £33.

Verdict: Norton Lees is lucky to have such a great venue.