Going abroad with a taste of home

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Nearly two thirds of holiday-makers take​ some taste of home with them​ when trekking to foreign climes.

​Many pack their favourite brands into their suitcases for fear of not being able to find them in their holiday resorts. Teabags, biscuits and brown sauce were firm favourites, with instant mashed potato coming in tenth.

Though it isn’t only the yen for familiarity that​ fuels their extra baggage, a survey by Co-operative Food ​has revealed.​ Half of those surveyed blamed high costs of English brands in foreign supermarkets.

Diane Moorhouse​, 52, from Chesterfield, a distribution controller, admits she jets off with biscuits in tow.​ “I like something to nibble on the journey. I only take one pack,” she admitted.

However, the data also shows we love to bring food home. Half of people asked brought alcohol back, with herbs, spices, foreign sweets and chocolates also making the top five.

Said Andrew Mann, customer director with Co-op Food: “People want to replicate flavours they’ve experienced abroad.”

Adrian Bagnoli, owner of Cubana restaurant, which recently moved into Leopold Square, has family in Italy and always returns with a suitcase full of Parma ham and Pecorino cheese, and traditional spirits Grappa and Limoncello. “I get them from local producers in a little village I visit. It’s better quality than I can buy in the UK.”

* What taste of home do you take on holiday - and what foreign foodie treats do you bring home?