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In John Butler’s raucous buddy comedy, groom-to-be Fionnan (Hugh O’Conor) is a self-confessed metrosexual who would rather attend a hen party with his beautiful fiancee Ruth (Amy Huberman) than suffer the horrors of a stag do.

But at the behest of his bride-to-be, he allows best man Davin (Andrew Scott, Sherlock’s Moriarty) to organise a lads-only weekend.

The Stag

The Stag

They settle on a rugged camping expedition with good mate Simon (Brian Gleeson) and long-term couple Big Kevin (Andrew Bennett) and Little Kevin (Michael Legge).

Ruth’s fearsome older brother, nicknamed The Machine (Peter McDonald), gatecrashes the stag party, sparking life into a few days in the wilds of Ireland.

Fragile bonds of friendship are soon tested to the limit as the Stags find themselves lost, shot at, stoned and naked.