VIDEO: Sheffield’s Showroom launches fundraising campaign on 20th anniversary

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Sheffield’s Showroom cinema has launched a £250,000 fundraising campaign 20 years to the day since the landmark venue first opened.

Film buffs and cinema supporters gathered yesterday at the former car showroom on Paternoster Row to hear how the Showroom plot is set to develop.

Showroom Cinemas, Sheffield are celebrating 20 years. Picture: Andrew Roe

Showroom Cinemas, Sheffield are celebrating 20 years. Picture: Andrew Roe

The quarter of a million pounds will pay for new, comfortable seats, fresh carpets, better lighting, updated technical equipment and a high-quality foyer area and toilets.

Ian Wild, chief executive of the Showroom and Workstation, said the fundraising will be tough but he is confident it can be done.

“It’s a tough target to achieve but there are a number of ways we can encourage people to help us,” he said.

“We know it won’t be easy but the people of Sheffield have always supported us and I think everyone in Sheffield is proud of the Showroom.

“The thing we are most proud of is how audiences have developed. Not only how audiences have grown year on year, but our customers have become more and more knowledgeable and enthusiastic about film over the years.

“These days there’s a real hunger to see films that are unusual and challenging. We sell more tickets to the latest Polish or Japanese films than we would ever have expected 20 years ago.”

The money will be raised in a number of ways, including giving people the opportunity to sponsor a cinema seat.

If the target is reached within 12 months, it is hoped the work would be complete by mid-summer 2016.