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Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel Xerxes, 300: Rise Of An Empire unfolds before, during and after the fierce Battle of Thermopylae chronicled in the first 300 film and continues the heavily stylised, slow-motion slaughter of beefcake legions with impressive sweat-glistened six-packs and eye-popping production design.

Courageous Greek general Themistokles (Sullivan Stapleton) fires the arrow that slays Persian King Darius (Igal Naor) in front of his son, Prince Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro). Darius’s adopted daughter Artemesia (Eva Green) pledges to avenge the king and masterfully manipulates Xerxes in his hour of grief, transforming the weak-willed mortal into a strutting God-King. Carnage is unrelenting as she leads the Persians into battle on the high seas while Xerxes overcomes King Leonidas (Gerard Butler).

300: Rise Of An Empire

300: Rise Of An Empire

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