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A Sheffield man is set to complete a lap of the famous Isle Of Man TT circuit to raise money for a stroke charity.

Jay McGreneghan, aged 41, of Norfolk Park, Sheffield, is getting his non-running 30-year-old Kawasaki Ninja back on the road to raise money for his father on the 30th anniversary of the famous bike brand’s inception.

He plans to complete his lap of the famous 37 mile course during TT race fortnight which runs from May 24 to June 6.

Jay has had help from various businesses to get the bike running again and plans to raffle the machine off for charity after the event.

He was inspired after his 69-year-old dad Tony suffered a series of strokes, and will raise the money for FAST Test and Stroke Association Support.

Kawasaki is helping by using Jay’s bike in its worldwide 30 years of Ninja brand anniversary celebrations and the bike is being rebuilt into working order in Plymouth in time for the event.

The late Geoff Johnson won on that bike and Jay’s machine will carry Geoff’s name in tribute to the three-time TT winner.

Jay has been volunteering with Stroke Association Support by collecting and delivering unwanted furniture using his VW van, which has also been restored by several businesses.

He said: “The charity has helped me and my family cope with the difficulties we face dealing with the after effects following dad’s series of strokes, which have left him bed bound for the past 10 years.

“For the past year or so I’ve been volunteering several days each week using my old Volkswagen Caddy to collect and deliver for the Stroke Association Support charity shop in Charles Street.”

“Being a fan of the GPz, or Ninja as it was known in America, the idea for some kind of awareness-raising activity was always going to be based around my passion for two wheels and these Kawasaki bikes in particular.

“I’d like to thank all those amazing companies who are helping turn my vision into reality. Together we fight for a world with fewer strokes.”

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