VIDEO: Sheffield shoppers take refuge in ‘Man Shed’

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GROWN men, long-suffering and weary from Christmas shopping, escaped to their own ‘man shed’ in the middle of Meadowhall this week.

The giant ‘shed’ – outside Marks & Spencer – featured comfy chairs, a PlayStation, foosball table, Scalextric and cold beer.

“It’s like a husband-crêche,” said Tom Hemmingway from Crabbies Ginger Beer, who sponsored the event.

“Women can drop off their grumbling husbands and boyfriends to have a drink, play some games and recharge their batteries.

“Everybody knows us guys don’t have the tolerance for shopping that women have – we need this.”

Martin Orton, of Barnsley, thought it was a great idea. “This could have saved me a lot of headaches on past trips,” said the 38-year-old, who stopped into the shed for a cold beer and a few rounds of Scalextric.

“I have my limit when it comes to shopping, short bursts work best for me, so this is a perfect idea. They need to make this a permanent thing.”

His wife Lara, 29, agreed: “Martin hates clothes shopping, so this is the perfect place to leave him for a bit while I shop in peace.”

Nicola Bates, of Sheffield, thought the idea could catch on: “My husband has a time limit too – a couple of hours and he’s done. A quick pitstop here would be just the thing.

“I could drop him off on my way into M&S and pick him up again on the way back out.”




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