VIDEO: It’s panto time in Doncaster

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  • by Stephanie Bateman

The cast of Cast’s very first panto took to the streets of Doncaster today to promote their production of Cinderella, which opens on 5 December.

Originally written by Joel Horwood and Morgan Lloyd Malcolm for The Lyric, Hammersmith in 2012, Cast’s first Christmas production has been relocated to Doncaster by South Yorkshire-based actor and writer, Fine Time Fontayne.

Directed by Kully Thiarai, audiences should expect a funfilled, proper pantomime – with the addition of tunes from The Black Eyed Peas, and Lady GaGa, live music, and, of course, a good helping of ‘Doncaster-ness’! Running from December 5–31. Cinderella is suitable for all.

Set in Donny, Cinderella is stuck at home all day looking after her horrid step mum Fiendella, and ugly sisters Salmonella and Rubella, whilst they sit around stuffing their faces and making fart jokes. With only the over-enthusiastic, but ineffectual Buttons for company, it doesn’t look like she’ll be going to the pick-a-princess-ball any time soon. But after a chance encounter in a forest, and a wave of dust from fairy god mum, Mother Cusworth, it’s all back on – and the prince, who knew all along that he just wanted to meet somebody normal – has got to go out and find his mystery woman. But how is he supposed to find someone who likes sticks, goal line technology and most importantly, has size 4 feet in a whole kingdom? It seems unlikely, but then sometimes things are just meant to be…

Tickets for Cast’s opening season are on sale via Doncaster Ticket Office 01302 303 959 tickets are also available




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