Tales of The North Pole...

Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog

Tales from the North Pole - Santa's Blog

Hello children - Mrs Claus here.

Goodness me, what a morning it’s been here at The North Pole! I decided I wanted to tell you all about it. It started off quite normally with me baking Santa and the Elves a big chocolate cake for breakfast. Chocolate is Santa’s favourite, mine too, so I made lots of warm custard and we all sat and ate together in the big dining room - yum yum.

Not long after we’d started work for the day, making lots of lovely toys, Ollie - one of the very littlest Elves - came to me and said that he’d really like to send Santa a Christmas card this year. ‘What a good idea,’ I thought. We don’t have a Clintons Cards in The North Pole and homemade cards are so much more personal, so I decided we should all make cards for Santa. I got lots of pairs of scissors, some pritt stick, stickers, scraps of material and gems and sheets of card, then - while Santa was out visiting the reindeers - we all set to work.


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