Model maker Rob has a time-consuming passion

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Factory worker Rob Wass has dedicated 1,500 hours to creating a metre-wide replica of a Lancaster bomber - using door hinges, an old TV, aerosol cans and bits of a food blender.

Rob, 34, from Barnsley, built the model in a shed at the bottom of his garden - and is planning to make a Spitfire next. “People might think I’m a bit mad,” he admitted.

Rob, who is currently single, added: “I’m not sure there would be many girls prepared to put up with their man spending all their free time in the workshop on a hobby.

“But for the past 12 months this bomber has been my girl. If I’ve not been working on it, then I’ll have been looking at it, admiring it, and figuring out what bit to build next.”

Rob, who has had no craft or art training, said he did not use any measurements for the model and based the entire thing on pictures from books he bought.

“I bought a book about the Bomber Command and immediately felt a connection,” said Rob.

“I also wanted to pay my own tribute to all the 55,000 men who died in Bomber Command, they were so brave.”

He added: “The bomber was really fun to make, and I even bought some sheet metal to finish off the wings.”

Rob built the model in a shed at the bottom of his garden and it is now being displayed in an art gallery, in Barnsley, along with some of Rob’s other scrap creations.

Recalling how his passion started, Rob said: “About three years ago I found myself unemployed with loads of time on my hands.

“So I just started building bits of stuff around the house, even though my tools were very basic and I didn’t know what I was doing.

“But that set me off, and after I got back into working I kept up with it the metal work on the same level, but I got myself some much better tools.”

Rob has previously built a bi-plane in his unique style and now wants to turn his attention to recreating a Spitfire plane.

“I don’t know what it is about planes, I just find them fascinating and I want to make my own versions of them,” said Rob.

The impressive Lancaster Bomber – which measures approximately one metre from wing-tip to wing-tip – is now up for sale, and Rob says there is already a customer prepared to pay £500 for it.

Rob said: “Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to make a living off my work, or teach classes or something.

“Either way, I love it, I don’t know how else I would fill my time without it.

“If anyone sees this and thinks ‘I’d like to have a go’ my advice would be to do it.

“If it goes wrong, it’s not a problem, and you’ll get better-and-better the more you do it.




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