Tom a Cool choice for Steelers, says old boy

TIM Cranston - one of the biggest names in Sheffield Steelers' history - today placed his support behind installing Tom Coolen as new coach.

"Turbo Tim" has been monitoring developments from his base in Boston, USA, and says he has been asked by Coolen what to expect in Sheffield if he lands the job.

Coolen remains an option, although the more likely candidate to replace Mike Blaisdell remains sacked Belfast Giants player-coach Rob Stewart. The ex Bracknell d-man is outright favourite.

Cranston, said: "When Tom called me for a reference on Sheffield many good memories came flooding back and I passed them on to him.

"This guy is exactly what the doctor ordered for the club!

"In fact, he is cut from the same cloth as all the old greats including Blaisdell himself, Rick Brebant, Paul Adey, and Alex Dampier.

"I know people in Sheffield would enjoy Coolen's company and personal style - he has an upfront, down-to-earth approach.

"He is a players' coach and the players will go to the wall for him.

"I give him my highest endorsement and if I were ever to make a come back as a player or a coach, it would be under him.

"I hope The Star would consider promoting this guy - the headline could read "Turbo tips Tom!"

Cranston is now working more in the ice hockey business than the law business he was involved in while in Sheffield.

"I am an NHLPA certified agent and represent players at various levels in North America and Europe" he explained.

"Approximately 12 players drafted to the NHL are on my books. I am based out of Boston but spend time in Halifax, Nova Scotia, too."

Cranston, a five-season Steeler, married his British girlfriend, Anna -and says he remains fond of the British scene. "If Coolen gets the job I'll have lots of incentive to follow the club closely - including a yearly visit to Sheffield to renew old friendships," he said.

Ex Steeler Kent Simpson has signed for Kevin Bolibruck's new team, Herning Bluefox.