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A GOOD weekend for the South Yorkshire clubs.

Many happy fans of Owls, Blades, Millers and Reds persuasions. Wednesdayites were particularly pleased on

Owls20BladesSlayer said: “Well played Wednesday you showed a good fighting spirit, to come back from a goal down. Last year this would not have happened. Onwards and upwards. Keep the faith. WTID.”

Gerimo worked new lyrics into an old song: “And it’s hi-Lowe Sheffield Wednesday.”

Nottsowl wanted a signing: “Brilliant win at a hard away game and well done Gary Megson and sign him up Gary, Ben Marshall. Please.”

Silverblade, a Unitedite, suggested this may not be so easy: “The way Stoke are playing at the moment you’ve got no chance of keeping him shame though, he’s your best player...”

Transfer deals are maybe happening at Bramall Lane with James Beattie set for a return. Educated bloke gave this well thought out post: “For heavens sake, this the ‘no brainer’ of all ‘no brainers’. Sign the fella up, now. With the right deal, (pay as you play or results only basis), Beattie could be a massive plus for United. If he can stay injury free, James Beattie can rip the third division defences to pieces and be worth his weight in gold if he stays injury free. What is there to lose?”

Not so much fun for Rovers fans who saw their side slip to a 2-0 defeat at Barnsley.

Scriptman on said: “We need to regroup, that is for certain. I am just concerned that there’s something missing. I do, however, have faith in Dean Saunders. I think what ever is wrong he will weed it out. I don’t think he will suffer fools gladly. I can see him making some harsh decisions in the near future.

Midnitecaller was a bit more agitated with Rovers’ current plight: “It’s ok saying calm down, and international breaks never help us and all that malarky pal, but I am now seriously concerned for our future. Whilst under SoD (former boss Sean O’Driscoll) although we never really knew what to expect, we did know that the performance win lose or draw would be decent, and we would only get outclassed and outplayed one every six or seven games.”

Conditionred rubbed salt into the Rovers wounds: “We expect to beat Donny every time, and guess what, it usually comes true.”

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