World Cup dream for Tigers ace Wells

Ricky Wells will appear for America against Great Britain
Ricky Wells will appear for America against Great Britain
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Ricky Wells is chasing a dream of reaching the World Cup race-off with America next month.

Tigers ace Wells will race alongside double World Champion Greg Hancock for the USA against Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark at King’s Lynn on July 15.

And with only the group winners reaching the final, Wells will need to raise his game to help his side through to what is effectively the semi-final in Prague three days later.

He said: “It’s cool for a country like us to be back in the World Cup again.

“Practice is going to be crucial to get everyone dialled in the day before the meeting.

“Hopefully we’ll be OK - I think we’ll have more of a chance racing in England than we would going abroad somewhere. Last year we got drawn in Bydgoszcz and we went out to Poland and kind of get beaten up a little bit.

“But our guys are all used to riding in the UK, so we should do better.

“It would be big to make the Final - that’s for sure.

“That’s got to be our goal but we’re facing facts - it’s going to be tough and we’re definitely underdogs going in to the meeting.

“Greg has to have a good one if we are going to do well, and me and Ryan Fisher need to prove ourselves.

Wells has enjoyed a strong working relationship with American legend and former Sheffield man Sam Ermolenko since coming to the UK in 2009. And he has praised the impact the 1993 World Champion has had on his career.