Tigers new team managing well

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DAVID Hoggart says the new management team at Sheffield is working well.

Hoggart and former youth boss Nigel Hinchliffe have been sharing the senior team duties in the early weeks of the season.

Tigers were rocked at the start of the winter with the resignation of experienced team manager Eric Boocock, but the management team soon decided the duties would be shared between them and they would not seek an immediate replacement.

The move has worked so far, with several tactical moves paying off and a seemingly excellent spirit generated within the Tigers camp.

Said Hoggart: “We were well aware that replacing Eric was going to be impossible, there was no point in us trying to find someone to replace him because you simply can’t. We decided that the best thing would be for myself and Nigel to share the duties and so far it has gone well.

“Nigel has been the training instructor at Sheffield for six years now and he has worked with me on the British Speedway Events team too, we saw the opportunity to get him more involved this year and we took it and everything has gone very well so far.

“I tend to make the tactical decisions, in consultation with Nigel, and he communicates more with the team and provides some different ideas. We have worked together for a long time now and we have a good rapport.

“There will be occasions when I can’t attend meetings due to business commitments and we’ll need someone with the team, Nigel provides that.

“We are going to see how it goes with the current set-up and of course, if we feel there becomes a need for change we will assess it. But we aren’t in the market to replace Eric, so there is no agenda on the team management situation.”