SPEEDWAY: Tigers relishing dry run at last

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SHEFFIELD boss Neil Machin is hoping an improved weather outlook can see a summer of speedway finally commence after a horrific first half of the season.

Sheffield have suffered nine rain-off’s this year, including six at home, and that has left a fractured schedule at Owlerton this season.

National forecasts suggest warmer weather may now be on the horizon, which would give the Tigers a chance to catch up with the fixtures they have had to postpone.

Machin said: “Hopefully now the worst of the weather is behind us and we can have a dry spell, at least.

“Forecasts do seem to imply that we will have a good run throughout August and that is what the sport needs, because the weather situation this year has been ridiculous.

“We have had six rain-offs at home, and that isn’t good for business. With the weather improving now though, there is a much better outlook.”

Sheffield are well known for offering value for money and the Kids for a Quid scheme is now in operation.

“We always run a junior admission scheme throughout summer and now the schools have broken up we will be admitting under-16s in for just £1,” said Machin.

“We have one of the most exciting sides in the league and we’ve had some classic meetings at Owlerton this year, so we want as many people there to see it as possible. It has a genuine effect on the team when we have a good atmosphere. Everyone here is excited about the second half of the season.”