Speedway: Departing Neil defends Tigers record

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Neil Machin has revealed how Sheffield Tigers have never had an overdraft in his 21-years with the club.

And he’s also taken pride out of paying his riders on time – something which he says should be standard at every club.

Machin has agreed to sell the club to a new consortium fronted by current co-promoter David Hoggart – and he’s hit back at those who have accused him of being tight!

He said: “It was tough at times, when the team was struggling badly in the early stages and the crowds weren’t there; we still had to pay the bills but we managed it somehow. This club has never had an overdraft during my time as owner and we have always paid our riders on time.

“Yes, some riders could earn more money elsewhere, but the grass hasn’t always been greener and some riders who rode for me and then moved elsewhere soon realised that when they were kept waiting for their money.

“I have always been sensible and had the best interests of Sheffield Speedway at heart. In this day and age, there are not many promoters who can say they have always paid their riders on time.

“The discipline within the sport is an absolute disgrace and what some promoters are allowed to get away with in terms of not paying riders for weeks, sometimes months, is scandalous and I have invested in Sheffield. When Hull closed down, we bought the entire retained list to add to our asset base; that didn’t come cheap!

“We have paid transfer fees, loan fees and invested in youngsters in the training track days through the late Roy Wilson. Some riders have even said to me they would love to ride for Sheffield for the simple reason they know their money will be there on time.

“Most of our riders have been happy; I’ve fallen out with a few along the way but that’s sport. I’m leaving the club in good shape and with no bad debts.”