SHEFFIELD TIGERS: Erratic Tigers frustrate boss

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SHEFFIELD joint team manager David Hoggart has slammed his riders off the back of their heavy defeat at Glasgow on Sunday.

The Tigers were soundly beaten in Scotland just days after suffering yet another home defeat, and still face a battle to avoid bottom spot in the Premier League.

It was the manner of the Glasgow defeat, though, that riled Hoggart.

He said: “We had three riders who rode relatively well but then the rest of the team were at a different meeting to the rest of us.

“The inconsistency of the team disappoints me. We had a group of around 30 supporters who made the trip to Glasgow and then it looks like half of the team don’t want to be there and that isn’t good enough. It would be a lot easier if those that don’t want to be there could just tell us so then we can make sure they aren’t included in any of our plans for next year.

“If I look at our team now, it’s very difficult to see them in the same way that we saw them when we built the team back in January and February.

“We have guys who show us flashes of real brilliance and then on occasion they look like also-ran’s. To say they haven’t lived up to our expectations is an understatement.”