Ricky rues inconsistent Tigers form

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RICKY Ashworth admits inconsistency has cost Tigers the chance of winning the Premier League title.

Ashworth, who has qualified for the Premier League Riders’ Championship later this month, says the team should have been pushing harder for the silverware which seems destined for Glasgow.

And he’s taken his share of the blame for some unexpected points dropped.

He said: “It’s been frustrating in lots of ways this season but we still have the chance to finish in the top three which would be a good achievement.

“Trouble is, nobody remembers who was second or third, they only remember the champions and we have left ourselves with too much to do. We have dropped points when we’ve been away from home and at times when we should have taken them. It’s just been little things here and there which have held us back and that’s a frustration for me.

“When you look down this team in years to come you will think ‘could and should have done better’ and I think that’s a pretty fair assessment of us.

“I liked the look of it when it was put together and we were all buzzing at the start of the season but we had injuries to riders like Josh Auty and I had more than my fair share of bike problems which was frustrating.

“But we’ve got a lot of meetings lined up between now and the end of the season and we’ll go out there and give it our best.”

Tigers continue their Premier League programme with a home meeting against Rye House on Thursday.