No grudge as Sheffield rider looks forward to a beer

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Champion Simon Stead insists there are no hard feelings between him and Premier League rival Josh Grajczonek.

Sheffield her Stead clashed with the Workington man after they were involved in a hard race in Sunday’s Premier League Riders’ Championship at Owlerton.

Grajczonek was clearly annoyed by Stead’s move which saw him make the pass to secure another win on the way to the final.

He approached the Sheffield man to make his point but caught his footrest in the front wheel and both riders were sent crashing. Grajczonek ironically suffered a broken collarbone.

Stead has also suffered some shoulder damage and will miss the last meeting of the season, at home to Edinburgh tomorrow.

He said: “I don’t really know what happened with Josh.

“I made a move on him on the third and fourth corners. I never touched him, I moved him over a bit and I thought I left him lots of racing room.

“But the track was heavy and obviously he caught a lot of shale and apparently got a bit out of shape.

“What happened after the race was perhaps blown out of proportion. I think he wanted to come over and voice his displeasure - but his footrest went into my front wheel which sent me over the high-side. I don’t think he meant it.

“We were racing for the Premier League Riders’ Championship, so it’s going to be hard. I’m sure we’ll eventually go for a beer and laugh about it.”