New faces on their way to Owlerton

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ERIC Boocock says big changes lie ahead at Sheffield for the 2012 season.

The Owlerton boss admits the loss of the retiring Shane Parker, coupled with the imminent departure of Josh Auty, is a big blow to the club. But he also believes it could be a blessing in disguise as he feels new blood needs to be injected into the club.

Said Boocock: “We have a management meeting this week when hopefully we can sit down and find some common ground on the kind of riders we’re looking for.

“It’s the silly season right now, everybody is linking everybody with Sheffield but, hand on heart, we haven’t done anything with the team yet.

“I have some idea of the kind of rider we want and need at Sheffield and I’m sure there are a lot of riders who want to come and ride for a club like ours.

“But the prospect some new faces at the club is good because sometimes that what it needs. I’m sorry to be losing both Shane and Josh but they both have their reasons. I can totally understand why Shane is retiring and he’s had a fabulous season but I’m not so sure about Josh and his reasons. It’s his career and he has to do what he feels is best.

“Sheffield remains one of the top clubs in the Premier League, we pay our bills on time and there are a lot of riders who would welcome that stability.

“And after finishing runners-up in the Premier League it would be lovely to go one better and win it next year!”